Dog Toys that Entertain Puppies

Every puppy has the same basic needs: food, water, love, and lots of dog toys. Puppies have a natural instinct to chew, and as their teeth start coming in they need to chew to relieve the pain in their gums. If you don’t have a supply of good toys, your puppy may end up chewing on the furniture, your shoes, and anything else they can get their teeth on. Toys are also needed to help release the extra energy that puppies are notorious for having. If you’re currently looking for a supply of puppy toys, find out which toys work best.

Chew Toys

The number one thing puppies like to do is chew. So it’s important that you have a large selection of chew toys available for your puppy. They will be able to destroy these toys fairly quickly, so it’s important that you keep a supply of backup toys. If you don’t have backup toys, the dog will turn to chewing on something around the house in order to satiate their need to chew on something.

There are dog toys made from rawhide that act as both a treat and a toy. These are great for the occasional chew toy, but since they can be eaten through fairly quickly, they’re not a permanent toy that will last. It’s best to mix your chew toy selection between hard rubber toys and rawhide.

Plush Toys

Just like children like stuffed animals, puppies also enjoy stuffed plush toys. Small breed dogs are exceptionally fond of small stuffed animals. Large breed puppies enjoy stuffed animals too, especially ripping them apart and pulling the stuffing out. These toys are made with squeakers inside or other noise makers, causing intrigue and appealing to a puppy’s natural curiosity. If you don’t mind the occasional mess from pulled out cotton stuffing, a variety of plush toys will be loved by your puppy.

Pull Toys

To work off energy, you should provide your young dog with at least one pull toy. This can be a rope, a ball with a hand grip, or a double gripper toy that can be utilised by two dogs. These are great for tug of war. You can even sit in a chair and hold onto the gripper handle while your dog tries to pull it out of your hand. No matter the amount of dog toys you have on hand, it’s the quality and likeability of the toys that determines if your dog will be entertained or not.

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