September 4, 2021



1. What is the difference between other pooper scoopers and Intercept®?

Intercept® is an environmentally friendly device that is used to Intercept dog poo before it reaches the ground.

2. Aren’t dogs distracted when their owners use this device?

Not most dogs. Usually, once a dog gets into ‘the position,’ nothing seems to bother them. If this is not the case for your dog, we’ll gladly refund your purchase on return of the device.

3. What about the bags? Are they bio-degradable?

Yes. The bag is made with a bio-degradable plastic.

4. I walk my dog at night. Can I still use Intercept®?

Intercept® has a LED at the tip with a convenient switch built right into the handle.

5. How heavy is Intercept®? How long is it?

Intercept® weighs half a pound. In its extended format with a bag loaded, it’s 29 inches. With the arms retracted it is 22 inches.

6. My dog’s poo really smells. Does Intercept help in eliminating the odor?

Each bag has a sticky strip at the top which seals in most odors when the device closes the bag after intercepting the poo.

7. My dog is about 90 pounds. Is Intercept® strong enough to hold
his poo?

Yes. Intercept® can handle most dogs up to 90 pounds. Even bigger dogs can be handled with a little creativity.

8. If this doesn’t work for me, do you have a refund policy?

Yes. Intercept® can be returned for a full refund within 30 days of purchase. (Return shipping not included)

9. Where can I buy it and a monthly supply of bags?

Right now, the only place is on the web. But don’t worry, there’s FREE shipping on all bag orders. We hope to offer you more options soon.

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