Pets Reduce Your Home’s Value: Here’s How to Reclaim It

Your dog is no doubt your best friend, but he may be your worst enemy when it’s time to sell your home. Damage to the house caused by pets may result in lower offers or even no offers at all. Fortunately, there are a number of quick do-it-yourself projects that can help you reclaim the value of your property.

Scuffed Floors

Perhaps one of the easiest and most noticeable issues you can rectify is scratched and scuffed hardwood floors. Start by gathering the correct tools, which include a wood touch-up stick or pen, steel wool, and appropriate wax. Clean the floor with a vinegar-based cleaner and allow it to dry. Use the steel wool to smooth out any minor imperfections and follow the instructions on your touch-up stick or pen. Apply a thin layer of wax and let dry. The DIY Network offers full instructions on this quick afternoon project.


Pet odors are perhaps the biggest turn off for all buyers when looking for a new home. You probably don’t notice the lingering unpleasant smells, but your buyers will. Eliminate these by cleaning the home thoroughly and using an odor neutralizing spray in areas your dog frequents, such as the living room and bedrooms. If your furniture has picked up doggy odors, spruce the affected pieces up between showings. Consider using a professional furniture cleaning service, someone with good reviews and an outstanding reputation. Be sure to thoroughly wash all bed covers, and don’t forget to shampoo the carpet throughout the home.


Pet stains may be difficult to remove. If you’ve already shampooed the carpet and can’t seem to get rid of urine spots, soak the area in white vinegar and, after testing for color fastness, a mix of hydrogen peroxide and dishwashing detergent. Use a clean towel to soak the mixture up, and repeat until the stain is gone.

Scratched Doors/Walls

If you’ve ever left your pet outside for just a few minutes longer than he wanted to be there, you likely have scratch marks on your exterior doors. While there is not much you can do on aluminum storm doors, wooden doors can be sanded down and repaired

The Lawn

An unsightly yard will make your home less attractive to all buyers. Take an afternoon to fill holes and repair any brown or dead spots in the grass, which are caused by excessive urine. Most local hardware and pet stores have products that can help, but you must keep your dog away in order to prevent these issues from occurring while your home is on the market. Don’t neglect to clean up your pet’s waste–few things can kill a home sale quicker that smelly, disgusting dog poop all over the place! If you’re averse to picking up what Fido leaves behind, the Smart Dog Intercept pooper scooper makes the job so much easier.

Also consider installing a fence around the yard. If you already have a fence and it’s in need of repair, think about fixing it ASAP. Either way, it’s time to get in touch with fence professionals to do the job right and do it quickly. It’s easy to find service pros these days; simply search online for “fence installers near me” and use Angi to research and contact qualified contractors nearby.

Muddy Foyer

Your foyer makes an impression and, if the seams of the grout are stained with caked-in mud, it won’t be a good one. One of the best ways to clean these unsightly stains is a homemade floor cleaner that you can apply with a brush specially made for scrubbing floors.

Hair in the Air

MoneySense notes that dog allergies are one of the most common issues that will stop a buyer from investing in your property. It’s not uncommon for visible dog hair or lingering odors to result in a buyer turning tail as soon as they enter the front door. Consider investing in an air purifier specifically designed to eliminate pet hair and dander from the air.

While you’re working on the house – and as long as it’s on the market – it’s in your best interest to give Buddy the boot. Not only will this prevent him from causing additional damage, but it will help you keep things spic and span once the For Sale sign is in place. There are numerous options for daytime doggie care and overnight boarding with local animal lovers.

Your dog does not have to diminish the value of your property. With lots of preparation and a little hard work, your house will be a more attractive home for everyone who walks through the doors.

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