September 3, 2015

What is Intercept?


Intercept is an easy to use, convenient way to collect dog poo while walking your dog.

Even though most people are diligent about picking up after their pets, some dog waste left behind will contaminate surfaces, such as sidewalks, that others may, unknowingly, come in contact with.

Intercept™ prevents ANY dog waste from touching ANY surface!

Picking up dog waste with other tools or direct touch with a plastic bag can be a nauseating and unpleasant experience for some – Intercept™ prevents ANY physical contact with ANY dog waste.

Dog waste can be unsanitary and downright smelly, even when traditional efforts are used to clean up – Intercept® prevents contamination by and avoids contact with dog waste because the waste never touches anything except the inside of the Intercept™ biodegradable bag!

Younger people are especially difficult to motivate when is comes to walking the dog. They want to have the fun of walking the dog, but they don’t want to cleanup –Intercept™ turns a dog walk into a game!

Intercept™ allows younger people to “take care of business” in a fun and completely sanitary way.

There is no other pooper scooper on the market like Intercept™ – this is why Intercept™ is a better pooper scooper.