My Top 5 Small Dog Breeds

Small dogs can be great for a number of reasons. The first one I can think of is space. In today’s society everyone seems to be on-the-go and great at multitasking! A number of people are living in apartments and most people work all day away from home. Small dogs need limited exercise which is good for small spaces and all those busy people.

They also do not eat as much as large dogs, usually. Along with this they will burn up those calories in a matter of minutes! Another perk to small dogs is that they do not shed as much. Some smaller dogs do still shed, but they will never have near as much fur and some virtually do not shed at all. This is great if you do not have time to do extra vacuuming, have allergies, or are obsessed with having a clean home. So besides the low shedding and low maintenance, are there more great traits? Absolutely!

Small dogs can be trained to learn commands, however it truly depends on the breed and dog to determine how fast they will learn. The good thing is most small dogs have large brains compared to their body size and can catch on fast. Dogs are lovable animals and want to be around people. So I believe that any dog can be good around kids if the children know how to treat the dogs. Any child who is too rough with a dog, large or small, is putting themselves at risk. I think small dogs are easier for children to mistreat because of mistaking their size for a toy dog instead of a gentle puppy. Here are my top ten small dog breeds in no particular order.

1. Chihuahua – They come in two types of coats either long haired or smooth coat which is also known as short haired. Known for their big ears that make them very alert. Come in many different colors and they weigh anywhere from 2-8 pounds. Usually considered good watch dogs. They love being affectionate and are definitely a lap dog. Great companion.

2. Bichon Frise- Beautiful white dog with a long, curly coat but little shedding. Great for people who love their tidy houses. Wants to be a part of a family and will hate being left alone for too long. Can be stubborn but also very sensitive. Should only be about 12 pounds.

3. Pomeranian- Independent and devoted. Sometimes too confident. Thick coat with an undercoat, tend to get warm quick. Grooming will require brushing because shed a lot. Many different colors. Usually 3-9 pounds. Spunky and have a lion appearance to them, hopefully not the attitude.

4. Cavalier King Charles- Type of spaniel that is very loving and gentle. May shed more than most but grooming is easy if you brush their silky coat once in awhile. Usually weighs anywhere from 10-18 pounds and does not need a lot of exercise, but being a social dog they sure do love their walks. Great for a family.

5. Havanese- For as much fur as they have, little shedding. Entertaining dog who always looks happy. Responsive. Tends to be more active in doors. Coat is usually longer with a variety of colors and can weigh about 15 pounds.

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