3 Ways to Treat Your Pet to a Well-Deserved Life of Luxury

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Article by Jessica Brody

As long as we give our companion animals their essentials—plenty of good food, living space, and attention—they don’t need a whole lot to be happy. However, there are several important things we can do to ensure that our pets are living their best possible lives. Besides, it’s fun to do that little something extra for your beloved friend! For more about what you can do to give your pet the happiest, most luxurious life, read on.

Treat Your Pet to Premium Food and Snacks

While your pet’s dietary needs will depend on his or her species, breed, age, activity level, and current weight, the key to treating your pet to a life of luxury is providing him or her with high-quality foods that boost the immune system, improve energy levels, and build strong muscles and bones.

However, Plumstead Animal Hospital explains that commercial pet food can sometimes do more harm than good—and homemade food may be a better alternative if your furry companion is overweight, diabetic, or displaying signs of digestive distress. It’s an opportunity to control ingredients and tailor meals to your pet’s unique circumstances.

If you’re busy and don’t have the time to grocery shop for fresh ingredients and make your own pet food, signing up for a dog food delivery service can help you to ensure that your pup is eating a variety of freshly prepared meals—even when you can’t make them yourself. Plus, these homemade meals will be delivered directly to your doorstep. Sources like The Farmer’s Dog offer vet-designed nutrition, and if you’re looking for homemade meals for your cat, note that NomNomNow delivers fresh meals for both dogs and cats.

Splurge on Luxurious Bedding

According to Wide Open Pets, the average dog spends up to 14 hours a day sleeping—while some cats sleep as much as 16 hours daily. Companion rabbits sleep about eight hours a day, while other animals such as pet rats sleep for up to 15 hours daily.

With this in mind, it’s important to treat your pet to a high-quality bed that’s both comfortable and spacious enough for his or her species, breed, and size. Not only does a good pet bed provide your furry companion with a comfortable place to sleep, but it will also keep him or her safe and relaxed as your pet sleeps the day and/or night away.

Keep Your Pet Active and Mentally Stimulated

Like humans, companion animals need regular physical activity and mental stimulation in order to live long, happy, and healthy lives. When your companion animal is cooped up and unable to stretch his or her legs each day, health or behavioral problems may ensue. If you’re looking for new and exciting ways of exercising, socializing, and interacting with your pet, however, you may wish to try the following:

  • Bringing your dog to a pet-friendly public place, local dog park, restaurant, or brewery
  • Seating your cat or rabbit in a covered stroller and taking him or her along on a walk
  • Searching for fitness classes near you that allow you to workout with your dog, cat, or bunny

While the specific amount of exercise your pet needs varies widely depending on his or her species, age, and current state of health, dogs typically require the most planned activity. PDSA says that puppies need several short periods of exercise throughout the day—while adult dogs need anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes of physical activity per day.

Companion rabbits need about four hours of exercise and mental stimulation each day, while cats can meet their physical activity requirements solely by playing with toys, climbing onto furniture, and having access to a window that allows them to observe local wildlife.

It Doesn’t Take Much to Spoil Our Furry Friends

As you can see, you can easily give your furry companion the best possible life by providing him or her with access to nutritious food, a comfortable bed, and plenty of space for exercising, playing with toys, and interacting with you. You can certainly treat your pet to a “pawicure” or professional massage, but regular attention from you and your family will go much further.

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