Why create a better pooper scooper?

We love our dogs…but they have to do their duty.

They rely on us to help them do what they need to do but we need to keep them from upsetting the neighbors (or our friendly community officials) with dog poop and help our pets stay clean and healthy.



Walking your beloved companion is one of the more pleasant chores of pet ownership…but we have to clean up the dog poop and this can be unpleasant to see and especially to handle.

Having better pooper scooper will turn an unpleasant dog poop clean up task into something fun and quick… with no touching…no handling….no mess at all.

What is a better pooper scooper?

InterceptorMaster 300x169 We’ve created Intercept®, a better pooper scooper that catches dog poo before it even touches the ground.

Actually, with the Intercept®  pooper scooper, there is no touching…no handling…no mess.

Intercept® is a complete, easy to use  pooper scooper system that provides the simplest solution to dog poop disposal.

With the Intercept® pooper scooper, there really is no dog poop cleanup because you intercept dog waste BEFORE IT BECOMES A MESS.

The waste is then whisked away in a secure, sealed bag made especially for the Intercept pooper scooper.

How does it work?

Step 1 – Slide the dog poop disposal bag onto Intercept®

Step 2 – When the dog is ready, place Intercept® under the dog

Step 3 – When the dog is finished, pull the slider in to close and seal the  disposal bag

Step 4 – Pull slider all the way in to drop the disposal bag into an appropriate container


If you don’t like handling dog poop. . .

If you want to simplify you pet care with an easy to use dog poop disposal system . . .

If you want to make your life more pleasant . . .

Order Intercept today..it truly is a better pooper